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 Local Artists 

  1. Listen to Clips of our Local Artists.

  2. Click on links to their web sites. 

  3. Download Free Music from our artists. 

  4. Come on in and pick up their CD.

Local Artist Info

Our local music scene is an unbelievable array of talented musicians.  We are lucky enough to have many of their CDs in stock.  As  a supporter of local music we sell their items on consignment and only put $1.99 on the top of the item to cover customers who own our (Advantage Card) and receive $1 discount and the other .99 just helps keep the lights on.  The rest of the moneys go directly to the musicians.  

We are collecting 30 second cuts from some of our artists song.  If you are interested in purchasing their music you can stop by the store or we will include the artists link to their web site so you can purchase directly from them.  This page is still being worked on but in the mean time, enjoy Rude Roosters "Kenosha Christmas"

Please support our local music scene.  


Proud Member 


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