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What we can Transfer

VHS, VHS-C, Mini DV, Hi-8, Reg 8, Beta, Reel to Reel 8mm and Super 8 to DVD or USB

Cassettes, LP's (out of print or never printed) Audio Reel to Reel to CD or USB

Photos to CD or DVD or USB



 save those memories;  transfer your 

 tapes to DVD 


Transfer your tapes to DVD or Flashdrives.    

After a while tapes become brittle, they begin to lose color and picture quality just continues to deteriorate.  Our machines are belt driven so the tape does not have to do all the work.  

Our reel to reel system is a Video Transfer Movie Film Projector Telecine Unit with and HV30 Canon Video Camera.  It is 100% Flicker & Ghost/Trail Free. The projector is equiped with a an Optical Multiplexor & LED Light. No more reel to reel tape burn.  

All the work is done by CD DVD GAME Warehouse owner Candy Eisenhauer.  WE DO NOT FARM THEM OUT.  They never leave the security of our business.  

We also offer a volume discount, tapes are immediately set to non-record so there is no possibility of recording over your tapes.  

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