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 We are making Custom Made Masks

Why not wear a mask with your favorite

band, school or movie charactor.  

Custom Made:

Masks. Patches and Hat

Are you a local Rock n Roll Band?  Are you looking for patches for your band?  How bout skull caps, masks or shirts.  We have a 6 needle embroidery machine and are now making patches, masks and hats.  Maybe you'd like a hat for someone special with your choice of picture put on it?  Send me a message  Happy to talk about it with you.

1 1/4 & 2 1/4 Round Magnets & Pins

Looking for magnets or pins of your favorite rock band?  Maybe you have some pictures of family you would like to have made into a refrigerator magnet?  What about your favorite sports team or to celebrate a birthday?  We can custom make the magnets or pins for you. We charge $1.00 per 1 1/4 magnets or pins - $1.50 per 2 1/4 magnets or pins.  10 piece minimum.  Bands and Businesses 100 pieces $35 for 1 1/4 $50 for 2 1/4.  

Karaoke Discs

Choose your songs that you want on your karaoke disc.  We purchase the karaoke downloads and transfer them to your own karaoke song disc.  $2.00 per song is not a bad price to pay for a disc with songs you know you will sing.  Discs can be made in a minus 1 format or a cd+g format.  Make your list at home and drop it off at the store or email to

Various Artist Song Disc  

Can't find a disc with all of your favorite songs on it?  Why not have your own disc made. We will purchase the mp3s in a download for itunes or amazon and transfer them to a disc for you.  You choose the songs, we put them on the disc.  Now you have a cd with your favorite songs.  Make your list at home and drop it off at the store or email to



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